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LightTribe makes your heart sing

LightTribe is about finding, connecting and sharing passion, awareness and joy. Years were invested in market research, involving future users, building a worldwide LightTribe team of role models and in extensive ICT-studies and tests.

  • FIND

    Find your interests and passion wherever you are! Find unexpected treasures of services while traveling and even in your neighborhood. Maintain your holistic lifestyle wherever you go - LightTribe guides the way.


    Join the community of like-minded people, experience true friendships and share your quest of life.


    LightTribe is all about contributing to a better world, living a meaningful life and sharing potential.


  • My mission at Personal Excellence is “to unite the world as one consciousness by helping others to achieve their highest potential.” No matter who you are or what you do, you have unlimited potential to achieve everything you have ever wanted. Personalexcellence.co is the leading authority site for people passionate achieving excellence. I love sharing this mission with LightTribe!

    Celestine Chua Blogging personalexcellence.co

  • Mirroring the Heart in my music opens my audience to feel and experience who they really ARE. I’m thrilled by the LightTribe initiative to spread worldwide that there is space to live out your passion!

    Praful Mystic Flute Master, Sax Wizard, Composer & Producer

  • LightTribe is bringing all the good in people, all what you want to learn. So once you are on LightTribe it’s gonna be a transformational journey: meeting extraordinary people, some great advice and some great content at the same time.

    Len Branson Author & Film maker

Crowdfunding LIVE on May 24!

Years were invested in market study, interaction design, IT-tests and network building before LightTribe is considered ready for launch. We need your support for the final release and therefore created a Crowdfunding Campaign tot goes LIVE on May 24. Please sing it around in your network TO SUPPORT LightTribe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

LightTribe targets to become the largest platform for free thinkers and will never stand in your way to reach out to your network. You can always offer your services for FREE and will be found by any prospect interested within your reach.

LightTribe will reserve 50% of its profit to support awareness projects initiated by the LightTribe Community. Are you with us?

Our philosophy is to make money where the money is made on our platform. Premium services will be offered soon next to our free services to support you to make more money by promoting yourself even more efficiently. Additionally, we also want to fund awareness projects around the world.

This was one of the main reasons to launch LightTribe the way it is. We will prove that a platform can operate successfully because of NOT selling data. We think your data is your data. We will never sell this to anyone. We see the LightTribe platform as your platform.
Yes you can, now and forever. Your followers belong to you after investing so much effort to build your network. LightTribe is meant to serve you and your followers and not to work against you.
Yes, correct, but we first have to launch a site to test the users experience and after finding the best interaction, the LightTribe app will go in production. Our mobile optimized website will serve you in the meanwhile to enjoy LightTribe also on your mobile device.
LightTribe wants to co-create the future of the platform with feedback from devoted users, the Members of the LightTribe Movement. They are to become the heart of LightTribe. The Movement will introduce micro-funding. Become a member for $ 15 per year and you can list your awareness project for support and can vote on projects to be funded.
The Movement Members will also have a word in e-learning programs to be certified and will be involved in much more.

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