To remember Who you ARE,
you need to forget who you were told to be


The Secret

Opening up for true Love, sustainable Success and a passionare life in Purpose is one and the same journey!

The Steps

  • Awareness of your Uniqueness
  • Effective Strategy & clear Priorities
  • Rejuvenation & Empowerment
  • Consistency in Purpose
  • Immunity for new Conditioning

The Steps

  • Awareness of your Uniqueness
  • Effective Strategy & clear Priorities
  • Rejuvenation & Empowerment
  • Consistency in Purpose
  • Immunity for new Conditioning

Your Hero's Journey

  • Stop pondering, Act NOW!
  • Step out of the past
  • Honor your Potential
  • Go for YourSelf and
  • Allow your Victory to Happen

We are all born
with specific gifts and talents.
Coincidence has no reality
in the Realm of our Universe.
All is interrelated to love,
purpose and success.
Our gifts and talents
encompass our purpose, mission
and contribution to mankind.

The site will soon present a unique collection of special healers, teachers
and inspiring initiatives worldwide - all role models of living authentically in purpose!



There are no shortcuts in real life, but there is an important difference between an exhausting search over a lifetime with little progress, or a joyful, fascinating 90-days path to recover your Authenticity to open up for true Love, durable Success, Passion and Purpose in your life too!

Your 90-days to Victory

1) Book your Reading, Analysis and Intake TODAY (99$)
We conclude in your Intake if you are ready
for your facinating life-journey!

2) Get your 300+ page facinating inspirational guide to transcend Pain into Surrender to find Bliss.


3) and conclude on your facinating "90-days to Victory" life-journey during your intake.

90-day PROGRAM:

  • 21-Personalized Teachings
  • Evaluation after each series of 7-Teachings
  • Design you’re Hero’s Journey to rejuvenate, to release judgments, to test the new life-style you envision and to check on your immunity for new conditioning.
  • Visit Corame on your Hero’s Journey on Bali, in Thailand or the Himalayas (depending on the season) for 5 extensive sessions included in your 90-day Program to open up for unlimited potentialities.

Program 2,450$ in total

Your 5-step Healing Process covers a wide landscape of all inter-related subjects: your Allies in Healing, Anger, Aura, Authenticity, Bliss, Brain functions, Choiceness choice, Clarity, Conditioning, Decision-making, Destiny, Dreamtime, Ego, Energetic Body, Faith in Knowing, Fascia, Friendship, Future in the Now, Guidance, Higher Senses, Holistic Concepts, Immunity, Inner Journey, Inspiration, Inter-relatedness, Joy, Leadership, Love, Meditation, Movement, Music, Non-identifying, Nourishment, Power of Thoughts, Presence, Rejuvenation, Relevance of Abundance, Restoring the Mind, Right action, Roaming, Surrender, Synchronicity, Tantra, Transformation, Traumas, Uniqueness and Quality Time.


About Corame

It is rare to meet a coach living his teachings. Corame was trained for many decades by his life-lessons and changed every single attitude before starting to coach. He grew up over 3 continents, dropped out from school at 14, was homeless and self-employed, sold his insurance-mortgage agency at the age of 20, made a fortune in international business and settled in Monaco at 35 for a jet set life. A traumatic experience awakened him to change his artificial success for Living in Purpose. He practiced Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Metaphysics, Ayurvedic Healing Principles, Chinese Medicine and supported child rescue initiatives in India for seven years. He devotes his life in support of the courageous ones recovering their Authenticity. Many successful people consulted him, often suffering burnout symptoms or facing tragedies.

The LightTribe Family

Our Family consists of coaches, teachers and other great individuals who are all living authentically in Purpose. Imagine having an extended family of likeminded inspiring friends. You are welcomed to co-create our gatherings and events!

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