To remember Who you ARE,
you need to forget who you were told to be


1) Your Free Intake

Get the first glimpses on your characteristics, gifts and talents and things to work upon from Corame to come to full potential. (for Free)

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2) Who Am I

in-depth analysis and strategy to rejuvenate effectively to empower yourself beyond imagination

5x one-hour private sessions: special offer 375 $


3) Leadership Training, Level 1

Taking the lead over yourself and understanding the amazing landscape of characteristics of other fellow Human Beings to lead and co-create.

5-day retreat: special offer 595 $ (excluded lodging)


4) Your Hero's Journey

Destiny and fulfillment are no future targets. It is meeting your maximum potentiality in every moment of life. Test your immunity against conditioning to become aware of


5) Ready to Accomplish

We meet on your Hero’s Journey depending on the season in the Himalayas, In South East Asia or on Bali to become a true Authentic Sovereign Human Being by changing doing into BEING.

The LightTribe Teachers

You will be introduced to coaches, teachers, holistic doctors, healers, breath workers and tantra masters, all genuinely in service to support you to become the Authentic Sovereign Being you originally are, capable to manifest your dreams in fulfillment organically.

• Teacher Training program on Insights in Authenticity
• Volunteering in unique Balinese Orphanages

We are all born
with specific gifts and talents.
Coincidence has no reality
in the Realm of our Universe.
All is interrelated to love,
purpose and success.
Our gifts and talents
encompass our purpose, mission
and contribution to mankind.


Your course book covering the wide landscape of all inter-related subjects as Anger, Aura, Authenticity, Bliss, Brain functions, Choiceness choice, Clarity, Conditioning, Decision-making, Destiny, Dreamtime, Ego, Energetic Body, Faith in Knowing, Fascia, Friendship, Future in the Now, Guidance, Healing, Higher Senses, Holistic Concepts, Immunity, Inner Journey, Inspiration, Inter-relatedness, Joy, Leadership, Love, Meditation, Movement, Music, Non-identifying, Nourishment, Power of Thoughts, Presence, Quality Time, Rejuvenation, Relevance of Abundance, Restoring the Mind, Right action, Roaming, Surrender, Synchronicity, Tantra, Transformation, Traumas and Uniqueness.


About Corame

It is rare to meet a coach living his teachings. Corame grew up over 3 continents, dropped out from school at 14, was homeless and self-employed, sold his insurance-mortgage agency at the age of 20, made a fortune in international business and settled in Monaco at 35 for a jet set lifestyle. A traumatic experience awakened him to change his artificial success for Living in Purpose. He practiced Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Metaphysics, Ayurvedic Healing Principles, Chinese Medicine and supported child rescue initiatives in India for seven years. Corame supports the courageous ones recovering their Authenticity. Many successful people consulted him, often suffering burnout or facing tragedies.