When the Earth is ravaged

- Hopi Prophecy -

shall make the earth green again

and who by their actions and deeds

from many colors, creeds and classes

a new tribe of people shall come onto earth

and the animals are dying,

The LightTribe Manifesto

1. We are Spiritual Beings in Human Disguise.

We meet in LightTribe acknowledging that all life on Earth is created by Universal Intelligence and that our role is to cooperate consciously with the Divine forces of Creation and Compassion. Those who participate in LightTribe practice the Truth of Love in all their Beings.

2. We serve as Responsible Stewards of our Home

We acknowledge that all life is interconnected, sacred and deserving of love and respect. We agree to create, support and implement that which unifies, balances and heals Planet Earth. Each of us has a specific purpose to achieve in this lifetime, and fulfilling that purpose will empower our Higher Selves, all of mankind and Mother Earth. We recognize Mother Earth as a living Being of which we are a part.

3. We support Harmony and Honor our Diversity

We support that which is required for harmony to prevail within and between all unique species, cultures, races, and realms. We are non-competitive and we have no rivals. We meet our brothers and sisters in LightTribe to support and respect each other in accomplishing our individual assignments for this Sacred Lifetime. We shall know each other by our deeds, our Beings, our eyes and by no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace.

4. We honor Free Choice and Personal Truth

We as individuals, commit to be true to that which we hold most sacred in our hearts. Planet Earth is the Planet of Emotion and Free Choice. It is our play garden where we learn to make our choices to discover our purpose and personal Truth. We all belong to the nation Planet Earth.

5. We honor what IS, Free of Judgment

Each of us has been heavily conditioned to varying degrees by the cultures, traditions, religions, cults and political views of our upbringings. It is relevant to recognize where we are coming from, as it informs the evolution of going forward. Our task is to evolve beyond judgments of good and bad and embrace what simply IS.

6. All experience is Growth

We honor all life occurrences on our path as experiences to learn from. Pain and bliss are important messages to be implemented in personal growth, direction, truth and purpose of life.

7. We are Uniquely Gifted

We are all born with specific gifts and talents. Coincidence has no reality in the Realm of our Universe. All is interrelated to purpose, cause and effect. Our gifts and talents encompass our purpose, mission and contribution to mankind. Each of us will dedicate our lives to the silent loving of our neighbors, environment and planet, while carrying out our tasks, however exalted and humble.

8. Truth is Personal and ever Evolving

Each of us is to come to full Glory and develop our personal Truth and Purpose by transcending our life experiences into supportive building blocks. Truth is not static. It evolves in the process of ripening. Each shall seek to evolve by doing good and teaching only by example.

9. We are Guided by our Higher Senses

We are blessed with Higher Intelligences to recognize the Potentialities and Truth in the Now. It is not our minds giving us direction, but rather the ever-evolving information gathered by our multifaceted sensory perception, harnessing the potentialities of each moment. Our task and blessing is to Master our Destiny in the Sacred Now. We salute all those in the past who blazed the path but had to pay the price. We shall know no fear and feel no shame and we shall prevail over all odds.

10. We are all Equal in the Sacred Joy of Being and Loving

As a community, we commit to live our innate dynamic vision of wholeness, mutual support and expansion of consciousness for all beings. LightTribe adheres to no hierarchy for no one is greater than another. LightTribe is organized by tasks and responsibilities governed by Love for our common goals. This Manifesto does not promise spiritual rewards, save that of ineffable Sacred Joy of Being and Loving. We urge the application of this agreement in all human activity on Earth.

11. Love is Supreme

We recognize the supremacy of the Great Idea, which can only be accomplished if the human race practices the supremacy of Love. We recognize that the time has come for supreme transmutation, the ultimate alchemical and conscious metamorphosis of the ego into a voluntary return to the whole.

12. We Teach by Being

We acknowledge all great Teachers of all ages who have shown the Truth of Love. LightTribe has no secret, no arcanum, nor initiation, save that of true understanding of the Power of Love. If we want it to be so, the world will change, but only if we change ourselves first. The LightTribe Teachings are created in our Community to serve anyone heralding the call to evolve on their personal paths to find Purpose, and in respect of the paths of all other Beings. We seek to enrich all groups and religions. We seek not to teach but to Be and by Being, to enrich.



It has no dogma or theology
and respects and supports each individual
in finding one’s own truth and purpose in life.


The LightTribe Manifesto was inspired by the prophecy of the Cathars, an ancient and evolved people who built their unique castles on the cliffs north of the mountain range bordering Spain and France. They were burned by the inquisition in 1244. The Cathars were far advanced teachers in the 12th and 13th centauries.